Why Fly Tipping Is Not The Easy Way Out

For many people they assume that the council have a responsibility to take away their rubbish, whatever that rubbish is. Although council tax does cover us for some level of rubbish collection and getting rid of household waste it doesn’t cover everything! If you have a large amount of rubbish or even something bulky to get rid of then you might need to look at alternative ways to get rid of your waste.

In the past people have simply taken their items to somewhere away from their home and left it there. This could mean a field somewhere, an empty estate or even next to a river – rubbish dumping happens everywhere unfortunately. Although this has always been something that was frowned up, there really wasn’t much done by it- which is why so many people saw it as the easy way out! However these days fly tipping is seen as a serious offence and you could find yourself in hot water if you do it!

Getting Into Trouble For Fly Tipping
If you fly tip then the chances are that the powers that be will look into the rubbish and track it down to you. If they do this then you risk fines of up to £5,000 if they decide to take this to a Magistrates Court. Even if they decide not to do this, if they find that you have fly tipped any rubbish you could be given an on the spot fine of up to £300. When you consider that most of our jobs can be done for you at a much lower cost than this, is it really worth the risk?

Lancaster Fly Tipping

It Is Your Responsibility
Whether you’re getting rid of domestic, private, commercial or business waste, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is disposed of properly. You could easily assume that if you pay a rubbish man to take care of this for you then you can wash your hands of any responsibility, but that is not always the case at all! There are many different people who offer to dispose of your waste for a cheap price, but even if you pay them & they dump this on the side of the road – you are the one who gets into trouble. The best thing you can do is use a reputable local company such as Bay Waste, who give you a Waste Transfer Note for very transaction – so that you have back up that you took the responsible route to getting rid of your rubbish and this will avoid you getting into trouble later down the line.

Lancaster Fly Tipping