Many people order a skip when they have a large amount of waste to dispose of, but more and more people are turning to Bay Waste for their waste disposal needs. Here’s why!

  • We’re actually cheaper than most skip hire companies.
  • We do all the loading, Why do all the hard work, when you have more important things to do?
  • We can clear up to 12 cubic yards in one trip: twice the amount of an average skip!
  • You may need a permit to have a skip, which takes time and money.
  • Skips are an eye sore for you and your neighbours.
  • Other people often dump their rubbish in your skip, which you have paid for and you then have to pay to get rid of their rubbish!
  • We can come and go within an hour or two.
  • We will tidy up for you afterwards.
  • We dispose of waste responsibly and are totally committed to recycling.